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About Us

Natural remedies are found in food.

By understanding the root causes of certain condition and using the right balance of nutritional ingredients, we are able to help our body heal.

It is our aim to pursue this ancient wisdom to provide some relief and possible solution to some of such sufferings.

With this as our goal, LinoGreen Sdn Bhd was founded in 2019 to explore the potential of using food ingredients as alternative solutions

Our Platform

LinoGreen comprise of a team of dedicated professionals from various fields and experiences in health and nutrition working hand in hand with partners locally and internationally in R&D, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Distribution .

Core Values

  • A culture and philosophy of quality and ethical business conduct.
  • A culture that promotes innovative ideas and nurturing of talents.

Team Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality natural ingredients nutraceutical and biocosmetic products through a sustainable and scientific approach.

Our work involves detailed studies on underlying causes of certain conditions, which includes the study of cell behavior, research of active ingredients and developing formulations among others, to help in certain conditions.

How we do it

In line with our focus in developing products for certain conditions, the search for the right bio compounds and active ingredients is crucial.

We source from sustainable sources. and mainly from places where each particular ingredient originates. We believe each particular plant originated from a particular area for a good reason.

Given the right environment such as soil conditions, climate and other environmental factors in that given land, the balance of its original phyto chemicals are at its best balance.

Every product developed by LinoGreen is subject to stringent process from sourcing to manufacturing. Strict procedures such as proper temperature controlled storage conditions, hygiene, accuracy and environment are adhered to in the manufacturing processes.

Goodness of Nature

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