DgesGuard™ Capsules


  • Clinically proven to aid in digestion
  • Synergistic formulation of 14 potent herbs
  • Ayurvedic formula


Vegetable capsules (blister)

Product Information

Active Ingredients

Murraya koenigii extract 3.6mg
Tinospora cordifolia extract 30mg
Glycyrrhia glabra extract 34mg
Hemidesmus indicus extract 20mg
Cassia fistula extract 34mg
Piper longum extract 30mg
Cyperus rotundus extract 20mg
Boerhhavia diffusa extract 30mg
Alpinia galanga extract 30mg
Terminalia chebula extract 34mg
Centella asiatica extract 34mg
Curcuma longa extract 36.4mg
Andrographis paniculata extract 34mg
Zingiber officinale extract 30mg

Health Benefits

Support healthy digestion
Improves gut microbiome
Promotes overall gut healt h
Helps reduce abdominal discomfort, bloating and pain
Helps eliminates constipation
Protect gut mucosal lining

Suitable for

Acid reflux
Abdominal bloating and pain


Adult: Take 2 capsules 1 hour before bedtime with a glass of water.

Langkah berjaga-jaga

Anyone taking warfarin
Contraindicated in pregnant women
Insufficient reliable data in breastfeeding women
Not suitable for children under 12 years old

Unlocking the full potential of our intricate digestive system is key to vibrant health.

DgesGuard™ is a formulation targeting the health of the entire digestive system. It addresses gastrointestinal issues from various angles. Its potent blend of herbs targetseveryaspect of digestion, spanning from the mouth to the large intestine. Packed with phytochemicals, it fosters the growth of beneficial bacteria and upholds the integrity of the digestive lining, thus, nurturing a thriving gut ecosystem.